I'm John Mairs, a well-rounded technology professional currently working in IT service management for the State of North Carolina. Previously, I was a CTO for a public charter school in North Carolina. In my spare time, I also develop Iredell Free News and provide IT support to M.D. Laser Studio, De Novo Aesthetics, and Carolina Passport Health. I am open to new projects in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.

What can I do?

I excel in making technology easy, cutting through the technical jargon to get customers the end result they need. My experience covers all operating systems, network design and management, web development, systems and server administration, and some light cloud architecture. I have a talent for seeing how different technologies fit together to provide an intuitive and integrated user experience.

Outside of the technical, I'm also a pretty good writer, photographer, and designer.

What software have I handled?

I've worked with a wide range of different software from both in a user role and from an administrative perspective. The highlights, in no particular order, include: PowerSchool SIS, Pearson Schoolnet, Canvas by Instructure, Clever, RapidIdentity, SOAPware, MDWare, Canfield Mirror, Canfield Vectra, Canfield Visia, Medisoft, PassageWare, PaperCut, Google Suite, Office365, macOS, Windows and Windows Server, Linux, pfSense, Adobe CC including Premiere Pro and After Effects, and probably a ton of others I'm forgetting.

Get in Touch

Have something I can help with? Feel free to reach out.